Communique 004: Will the Egg See Its Shadow? w/ Caitlin of SEEK + FIND

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CW: We discuss self-defense against stalking, sexual assault, and other physical attacks in this episode. We also discuss mental health concernsĀ in both the context of an assailant’s motives and survivors’ struggles post-attack. We are not mental health professionals.

We talk to Caitlin of SEEK + FIND Boston about art’s place in the struggle, why cheap and free entertainment matters, and an upcoming zine on free women’s self-defense classes in the Boston area. We also celebrate the Vernal Equinox by talking about balancing various types of eggs and egg replacers, phallic food, and the beginning of a new year for a different calendar.

Talking Points: Read the fucking bread book, art as activism, who’s in yr post-apocalypse crew, shamrock climbing, dog brain/snake brain, de-escalation, 4 hours to cross the parking lot, 100 lbs of under-cooked potatoes, c’mon Joe, N.I.C.E: Not Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Happy Vernal Equinox, y’all!, hang out with a baguette, will the egg see its shadow?, bumming out the mail thieves, skunk sisters, as your attorney…

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Today on the Unsettler: Communique 004 goes LIVE at FIVE

This afternoon, we’ll have Caitlin of Seek & Find Boston in the studio to chat about her upcoming zine, which will compile local self-defense education resources for women in the Greater Boston Area, as well as her work organizing and promoting low-cost and free events in and around the city. Plus: it’s vernal equinox! Fight for equal rights on this equal night, and listen in at 5 p.m. ET.