Communique 017, the last on Boston Free Radio, airs today!

Good morning, Unsettlers. Apologies for the lack of updates here! A few weeks back, The Unsettler became a twice-monthly podcast, rather than a weekly podcast, as there was simply too much research, art-making, and prep work to be done between communiques. As of August, The Unsettler will be on hiatus from regular broadcasting, doing DIY communiques as inspiration strikes and time allows.

Don’t fret! The backlog will stay available via SoundCloud and iTunes, even as the show moves away from live material.

Please tune in for our final BostonFreeRadio installment this evening at 6 p.m. ET to hear a great interview with candidate for Somerville Ward 3 Alderman, Ben Ewen-Campen that covers radical and progressive battles in and outside of local mainstream politics.

Communique 005: Feel Your Eatings (Hot Commodities)

Art by Nikki McClure

Communique 005 is up for streaming and downloading!

This week, Elias sits down with Kristina, an activist and friend of the show, to talk about food, culture, and politics. We touch on the commodification of sustenance, the non-profit industrial complex, and more!

Talking points: Eat yr feelings/feel yr eatings, holy macaroni, hot commodities, vedgelord shitposting, kraft nopalitos and cheese, tradition┬«, contradict-heads, deadwhiteguyism, if I can’t eat potato chips it’s not my revolution, subversive mending, the revolution will not be broadcast, Phil Collins–if you’re reading this–we’ve got baked goods for you, #philcollins, shitting the pantsuit, 100 years gulag for the Metro, STOP: hammer (& sickle) time–break it down, ar-archives, drain the Cambridge swamp.

tUnE-yArDs – Water Fountain

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