Podcast crossover alert! Feminist Killjoys, PhD’s Episode 51 w/ yaboy Elias

Elias was humbled and excited to be a guest on the excellent Feminist Killjoys, PhD podcast for their 51st episode on Radical Politics 101! He talked with Raechel and Melody about anarchist theory and practice in 2017, and is looking forward to hearing their next installement of RP101 featuring an intro to socialism and communism. Check out Ep 51 of FKJPhD here!

PS – Communique 010 was recorded and will be posted ASAP! Thank you for your patience, comrades.

Communique 003: Liberal Snowflakes and New England Blizzards w/ Raechel from Feminist Killjoys, PhD


Communique 003 is up for streaming and downloading!

FKJ, NEU, the East Coast Family.

Talking points: Our deepest anarchist sympathies, bourgie in the bubble, confessions of a former liberal, trolls on the fascistbook, commies in the classroom!, Agitate/Educate/Shitpost, namaste outta this, our lifestyle politics determine our movement’s deathstyle :(,  radical xmas in May, a hierarchy of who’s least hierarchical, get off my lawn, strike while it’s hott, supporting Trans Women of Color.

Relevant Links:

Today: National Day of Action for Trans Women of Color

If you caught our interview with Dr. Raechel of Feminist Killjoys, PhD live yesterday, you may have heard her mention the National Day of Action planned today to support and protect Trans Women of Color. She lamented that we hadn’t seen any events planned for the Boston area, but it looks like there is a local gathering planned! Join BostonGlass to celebrate and support TWOC today with a vigil at 5 p.m.

Also check out Raechel’s syllabus for today’s Day of Action, which she has painstakingly compiled for anyone who is looking for further resources to #studytostruggle.

LIVE at 5 p.m. ET tonight with Raechel from Feminist Killjoys, PhD

Communique 003 airs tonight on Boston Free Radio at 5 p.m. ET. Listen in!

Our guest/accomplice tonight is Raechel, one half of a favorite podcast of ours; Feminist Killjoys, PhD. We’ll (probably) be talking about International Women’s Day, the upcoming National Day of Action for Trans Women of Color, capitalist co-opting of the social/cultural zeitgeist, Marxism, the utility of think pieces, and more.

If you miss the show, be sure to check back here for the archived version.